Private Funds

Private FundsWealth Engineering has worked throughout the years with Investview Inc., SAFE Management LLC, and now Wealth Generators, LLC.  These are companies that are committed to the financial education of the “individual.” In all of these undertakings, we have found that many times an individual lacks the time to manage their own capital.  These individuals understand the importance of learning, and once they have taken this step they can no longer go back to the old model of simply handing their hard earned investment capital blindly over to someone else to manage for them.

However, these individuals lack the time necessary to other commitments in their lives.  They learn our strategies, they now understand the power of small returns and risk management.  They see the power of compounding returns, but they simply can’t manage their full time career, families and their investments.  To meet the needs of these individuals, Wealth Engineering co-founded, Wealth Generators Management LLC (

Wealth Generators Management LLC is a company that is the General Partner for private investment funds.  The current offering Wealth Generators Management is the private fund called Wealth Generators Trading LP.  This fund is dedicated to short term trading strategies that take advantage of today’s market dynamics.  We see fear and uncertainty driving global market conditions, and our Market Experts and Trade strategists take advantage of these conditions.  A private investment fund in the perfect vehicle to deploy these trading strategies for the benefit of those who possess the capital but lack the time to do trade for themselves.

Wealth Engineering envisions a future where Wealth Generators Management will have a family of funds available to trade a variety of strategies meeting the needs of an ever growing, educated, self-directed investor. Wealth can and should be shared in order to create a future where once again each generation will have more opportunity than the last.