Empowering the Individual

EmpowermentWealth Engineering establishes, invests and cultivates companies that are dedicated to “empowering” individuals to take control of their financial future.

We firmly believe that there is a dramatic shift taking place in the financial sector with distrust by the majority of individuals in not only our government but our banks and brokerage institutions as well.  To affect “change” we must leave our current state of disillusionment with the system and educate ourselves.  As we learn we can demand change.  Compliance and over regulation is not the answer to the financial distress we experienced in 2008, but financial education and taking control of our situation is.  We are the consumers and we do not have to accept the ways of the past.

Wealth Engineering is a large shareholder of Investview Inc., a company dedicated to the financial education of the individual.  We co-founded and launched Wealth Generators LLC which not only educates individuals on trading and managing their own investment capital, but also provides the ability to earn additional income by sharing the program with others.  We also established a management company for the design, management, and launch of private funds for accredited investors who may lack the time to trade for themselves.

We know the distribution of wealth is far too concentrated in the current day.  Nearly fifty percent of the entire worlds wealth is held by just 1% of the population. (Source: http://oxf.am/wMx)

We believe this must change and the companies we cultivate are focused on “empowering the individual” to take control and begin to generate wealth for themselves.  We are providing the tools, educations, coaching and motivation.  The “individual” simply needs to possess the “desire” to make this change.