About Us

Wealth Engineering was established in 2005 by M. Arthur Romano and Annette Raynor with the primary objective of providing individuals the tools and training required to generate wealth.  Little did we know that we would be experiencing the worst financial crisis in history. The events of the last few years has only solidified our commitment and belief that the individual must take matters into their own hands. Wealth Engineering acquires and develops companies that provide services designed for the individual investor which include:

  • Trading and Education for those who wish to trade for themselves
  • Access to Private Funds for Accredited Investors who lack the time to do it themselves
  • Financial Education, Empowerment and Inspiration

Each of the companies we have ownership in is dedicated to one or more of these objectives. We believe that wealth should be shared and for that to happen we must educate each and every individual in the process of generating, managing and growing hard earned capital.